Brexit & Seafood. Since the British voted in favor of “Brexit”, Keyport has been asked by our suppliers and customers if we have a point of view on how Brexit will impact the seafood industry.  While most questions are coming from the perspective of the crab business, our partners reflect concern and worry across many companies selling seafood to, or buying from,  the United Kingdom.  Keyport’s short answer to the question is this, “It depends on your perspective”. We add to that the quintessential British expression “Keep calm and carry on”.  In other words, there may be cause for concern for some companies, but the seafood business will adapt.  See the links below for some articles we found helpful to understand Brexit & and its’ impact on the seafood industry.

Brexit & Seafood

Scottish Fisheries. Post-Brexit: A Sea of Opportunities.  A point of view from the Scottish Fisherman’s Association.

Alaska Fish Factor: Will Brexit Harm Alaska’s Seafood Exports?  This article takes a look at Brexit from an Alaska exporters perspective.

Brexit: Pressing Questions for the U.K. Seafood Industry. This article is from SeafoodSource and takes a point-by-point objective view of Brexit.









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