Wild Scallops

Keyport’s scallops are dry and wild harvested.



Wholesale & Retail Packaging

Considered one of the healthiest seafoods, Keyport’s dry scallops are truly a luxury seafood. If you are a retailer, or wholesale distributor, looking to procure restaurant quality wholesale scallops at fair prices, Keyport is your ideal partner.

Keyport offers wholesale “dry” scallops as well as retail packaged scallops. Keyport’s scallops are “dry” in that they are not “soaked” in chemicals to add water weight to the scallops, a common way to increase the size of the scallops. Keyport’s wholesale scallops are products of the USA unless otherwise specified.

Keyport’s wholesale scallops are typically packed in a 10# case and our retail bags can be packed in a variety of sizes depending on volume.

If you are looking to purchase high quality wholesale scallops, Keyport is your single best single source supplier. Subject to availability, Keyport offers wholesale priced Atlantic scallops as well as Alaska Weathervane scallops. 

Call Keyport today and speak with us about how we can help you source, select and ship wholesale scallops to your distribution center or warehouse. Call 206-284-1947. Keyport ships wholesale and retail scallops in order sizes of 2,000 lbs. to full truckloads.

Origin: USA
Wholesale Case Weight:

Typically 10 lbs.

Retail Bag Weight:

Typically 12-14 oz.


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