By:  John Sackton,

Final Newfoundland Crab Quota Set at 43,802 Tons; $3.00 Boat Price, April 4th Opening

The DFO has announced their crab managememt plan for the fishing areas around Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Southern areas, 3LNO and 3Ps and 4R3Pn, will all open on April 4th. 3K will open on April 14th. The Labrador area openings have not yet been determined.

3LNO will remain open until July 31st. The other areas will close on June 30th.

The total TAC is 43,802 tons, down around 10% from last year.

A shore price of $3.00 per lb. for normal size crab was agreed on by harvesters and processors. Last year, the agreement was at $2.45.

There was also a currency adjustment mechanism last year, and there is presumeably the same mechanism in place this year, in case the Canadian dollar substantially strengthens or weakens against the US dollar during the season.

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