Keyport has restructured its’ leadership to promote Mark Pedersen to President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Kurt Pedersen to President & Chief Operating Officer (COO). Darryl Pedersen, after nearly 20 years as Founder & President of Keyport, will take the position of Chairman & Founder.

“After starting Keyport nearly 20 years ago, I am especially proud to step away from day-to-day business management to focus on some exciting new projects and developing fisheries. What began as a small business 20 years ago has turned into a thriving multinational enterprise today – one that is growing faster than I could have ever imagined,” stated Darryl Pedersen.

The new organizational structure will see Kurt Pedersen and Mark Pedersen working in tandem for the general management of Keyport while independently managing their respective departments.

“Kurt and Mark have worked intuitively well together over the last 9 years and have a synergy that is rare with partners. This new structure plays to their individual strengths and positions Keyport well for continued growth moving into the future,“ stated Darryl Pedersen.

With the growth, diversification & multinational logistics of Keyport’s products, Keyport will increase the investment in operational excellence to maintain and expand Keyport’s reputation for quality product standards and process controls. As such, Kurt Pedersen, as President & COO, will be responsible for growing Keyport’s domestic and international production, corporate finance, accounting and operations, as well as King Crab product management.

“This is an exciting time at Keyport. We are looking forward to further scaling Keyport’s production facilities, both domestically and internationally, while maintaining our brand promise of quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, “ said Kurt Pedersen, President & COO of Keyport LLC

To sustain and expand Keyport’s rapid growth, Mark Pedersen will be responsible for sales, marketing and new product development and will assume the position of President & CEO.

“Keyport has rapidly expanded in the last few years with access to new resources and the development of new products and packaging. The new leadership structure will allow the company to grow in an efficient way and keep us focused on customer satisfaction, “ said Mark Pedersen, President & CEO of Keyport LLC.

Darryl Pedersen, in his new role as Chairman & Founder, will continue to be involved with Keyport focusing on special projects as well as investor and industry relations.

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