To show that Keyport is not all business, we thought our web site, social media & newsletter readers would enjoy learning about our new company mascot. Keyport is pleased to announce that we have named a new mascot …. introducing: Olaf.

Olaf excelled at virtually all of Keyport’s selection criteria including:

Size – Olaf is 50% Anatolian Sheppard & 50% Great Pyrenees = HUGE!  His size makes Keyport’s giant Norwegian owners feel right sized to the world.

Speed – despite his size, Olaf moves quickly. When animated, get out of the way. We’re still trying to figure out how he makes those cube corners.

Demeanor – mellow.  We mean “MELLOW” – like nothing phases him. Olaf passes the UPS driver test every day. No bite risk.

Appetite – While curious, Olaf appears to show little interest in stealing our lunches. He gives food a casual sniff and then takes a nap.

Affection – despite his size, he’s a lover not a fighter. That said, please do not wear white pants in our office or you will regret it. Olaf sheds fur like a Norwegian sheds clothes on a summer day.

Here’s a few pictures of our new mascot !

“Are you talking to me?”


Always selling King Crab!


“I ate too many Keyport seafood ravioli.”


“Is the UPS Driver here?”


Nap Time!


logo keyport llc


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