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Posted on August 5, 2016

Flash Sale

Keyport Special Offers & Promotions

Keyport is pleased to offer our customers and partners the following special offers.  Please call Keyport today, supplies are limited.  206-284-1947.

Russian Bairdi (Snow crab):   Rare Russian 12oz up and 14oz up Bairdi clusters, beautiful product, limited quantity – Call Now!

20160804_081329 (4)


Canadian 5-8 Opilio clusters:  2016 production, 1/30 lb. Nice product. Call Now!

Crab 003


Russian long line halibut:   FAS to -40 degrees and processed into fletches in China. No Chemical.
1/25 lb 10-16oz
1/25lb 1-3lb
1/50lb 5-7lb




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