Keyport has new Bairdi Snow Crab!

Keyport has new inventory of wild caught Bairdi Snow Crab. With 90% meat fill, this is high quality Snow Crab.  5-8, 8+, 10+ & 12+ available.

Take a look at these photos below and compare against some of the competing Snow Crab on the market.

Bairdi is (generally) slightly larger and provides a greater amount of flesh that can be obtained for consumption. The flavor of the crab is another area where this product differs from Opilio. Bairdi crab is characterized by a sweet flavor that is also succulent.

Clean shell

Bairdi Clusters

90% Meat Fill

Bairdi Meat Fill

Good quality pack, straight arrangement

Bairdi Pack

Keyport’s top-selling products include King Crab, Snow Crab, and Dungeness Crab. The company is also expert at bringing new products to market, developing new fisheries and putting systems in place for new ventures.

Keyport has a global reach and scaled production capacity enabled by sustainably harvesting natural resources in Alaska, Norway and Russia. With multiple processing facilities in the United States and Norway, Keyport has the capabilities of a multi-national company with the customer-centric focus of a family-run business.

Keyport LLC is an industry-leading, global seafood producer best-known for its top-rated crab production and distribution.

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