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Seafood Chowders

Keyport’s Seafood Chowders contain some of the most prized seafood available.

Keyport’s Chowders are loaded with such premium seafood as Wild King Crab, Wild Alaska Sockeye salmon or Clams. Our seafood chowders are made with the finest ingredients and deliver a rich, heart warming balance between the delicate seafood and fresh, high quality dairy and vegetable ingredients. Simply heat and enjoy.

Keyport’s Seafood Chowders are available in four versions:

– Clam Chowder (with Bacon)
– Alaska Smoked Salmon Chowder
– Wild King Crab Chowder
– Wild King Crab Bisque

Keyport’s Seafood Chowders are available as refrigerated or frozen products.

Keyport produces both retail and food service style pack sizes.

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