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Russian government is considering allowing small vessels to conduct crab fishing in the coastal zone of Russia (EEZ).

Russian government is considering allowing small vessels to conduct crab fishing in the coastal zone of Russia (EEZ), with the aim to increase the volume of crab supplies to the domestic market, according to an official spokesman of the Russian Federal Agency of Fisheries (Rosrybolovstvo).

The proposal has already been supported by Oleg Kozhemyako, the Governor of Sakhalin region. He said the new measure will significantly increase the volume of crab production, both in Sakhalin and Kamchatka, key centers for Russian crab production.

According to Kozhemyako, at present the majority of crab in Russia is produced far beyond the country’s 12-mile economic zone and territorial sea of the country, however there is a possibility that such a situation will change by the end of the year.


The majority of these crabs are processed directly on the ships, as customs clearance and other procedures are usually associated with high costs for Russian fisherman and local crab business.

Due to this, the Russian government is currently considering adopting amendments to the national federal legislation, that will allow crab catch by small vessels in the 6-mile coastal zone with further processing on the shore. Rosrybolovstvo hopes that, in addition to stable crab supplies to the domestic market, the new measure will also stimulate the creation of new jobs in the coastal areas of Sakhalin, Kamchatka and Primorye.

According to Kozhemyako, to date, the Sakhalin government has signed several agreements with some Japanese companies, which are based on Hokkaido and Rosrybolovstvo for the purchases of crab, as well as other seafood, that will be produced within the 6-mile economic zone of Russia.

In the meantime, some leading Russian analysts in the field of fish business have already criticized the latest proposals of Kozhemyako and Rosrybolovstvo, as, according to them, the majority of future crab production, that will be conducted within the 6-mile economic zone, will be exported to abroad, that will be associated with huge profits for them.

In addition, according to them, the new initiative is also lobbied by some Russian officials, which are affiliated with the crab mafia.

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