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.according to an official spokesman of Ilya Shestakov, head of the Russian Rosrybolovstvo.

According to Konstantin Sokolov, Head of the Laboratory of Coastal Research of the Russian Knipovich Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography, in recent years the demand for snow crab in Russia has significantly increased.

“In contrast to red king crab, which was specially farmed in Russia and which is a kind of hermit crab, snow crab appeared absolutely naturally in Russian territorial waters. It was for the first time appeared in the Barents sea in 1996, while since that time it population has significantly increased,” said Sokolov.

Snow crab

Planned volume of production of snow crab is currently not disclosed. Currently the Russian legislation in the field of fisheries does not intoduce any restrictions on its catch.

According to international agreements, Russia has priority for the production of crab in the Barents Sea. According to Rosrybolovstvo, most of snow crab population is concentrated just on the Russian shelf near Novaya Zemlya, (an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean in northern Russia and the extreme northeast of Europe), at relatively big depths, which means that its production will be carried out by large Russian fish producers.

Rosrybolovstvo predicts that potential volume of snow crab production in the Barents Sea could reach 25,000-27,000 metric tons in the coming years, the majority of which will account for Russian fisherman.

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