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Keyport is pleased to offer new Norwegian Red King crab and Alaska Red King crab production.

Norwegian RED King Crab: With Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, “BEST CHOICE” – Keyport’s Norwegian Red King crab is ideal for customers who are sensitive to this rating.  We have 14-17’s and 12-14’s in-stock. This is the last of this year’s production.

Alaska RED King Crab:  Keyport is also running the last of our Alaska RED King Crab.  Now is a great time to stock up on Alaska Red King crab if you need inventory for late Summer and Fall.  This is the final  run, so inventory may move fast.  Similar to our new Norwegian Red King crab inventory, Keyport’s Alaska Red King crab is also available in 14-17 and 12-14’s and  has the Seafood Watch, “BEST CHOICE” rating.

Call Keyport today at 206-284-1947.

Keyport LLC is an industry-leading, global seafood producer best-known for its top-rated crab production and distribution.Keyport has a global reach and scaled production capacity enabled by sustainably harvesting natural resources in Alaska, Norway and Russia. With multiple processing facilities in the United States and Norway, Keyport has the capabilities of a multi-national company with the customer-centric focus of a family-run business.





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