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Life Just Tastes Better Wild-Caught

We are proud to be America’s premier processor and supplier of wholesale wild-caught crab and frozen seafood. Forged by heritage and seasoned by innovation, our family-owned business is fully integrated from ocean to table—and all the steps in between. We have been serving seafood distributors, retailer and restaurants across the US for over 24 years. Keyport partners with our customers every day to share our expertise and delivery top quality products.

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Wholesale Wild-Caught Crab

Harvested in Pure, Icy Arctic Waters

From specialty cuts and products to full containers of King crab, Keyport is the industry’s top choice for wholesale wild-caught crab. Harvested from the pure, icy arctic waters of the Bering and Barents Seas, our wholesale Red King, Golden King, Snow and Dungeness crab legs are known for their excellent quality. Backed by decades of experience and a business built on long-standing relationships, we take pride in the trust our customers place in Keyport.

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The Golden King Crab Story

Wildly-Sustainable King Crab from the Far Reaches of the Pacific

In pursuit of the best-tasting, most sustainable King crab in the world, we travel to the far northern reaches of the Pacific Ocean. Here, on the rocky slopes of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, we fish for Golden King crab at depths that can reach over 2,000 feet. Great distances, a challenging habitat and hybrid fishing methods make the The Golden King crab story unique. The great effort to catch Goldens does not go unrewarded, however, as their pristine habitat give Golden King crab both outstanding taste and unmatched sustainability.

How To Cook Crab Legs

Thaw. Rinse. Serve.

Preparing Alaska King crab may seem intimidating, but it is actually quite simple. Alaska King crab legs are pre-cooked and flash frozen to preserve their wild-caught taste. To prepare at home, you only need to thaw and gently reheat. Visit our How to Cook King Crab blog or download our printable How to Cook King Crab guide.
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Wild Choice® Frozen Entrées

Go Wild with Keyport’s Wild Choice Frozen Entrées!

Crafted with Seafood lovers in mind, our Wild Choice frozen entrées are a far-from-ordinary dinner for two. Looking to add to your retail freezer case? Pick from our King Crab Ravioli, Lobster Ravioli, King Crab Gnocchi, King Crab Mac & Cheese or Lobster Mac & Cheese. Your customers are going to go wild with Keyport’s Wild Choice frozen entrées.
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The Keyport Story

More Than a Business, It’s Our Heritage.

Our family has been fishing arctic seas for five generations and we are proud to serve our customers with a commitment to quality that extends from sea to table. Quality is evident in everything we do, from our long-standing relationships to our reputation for innovation. Like our customers, we take pride in a job well-done. It’s our heritage.
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