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A Pacific Northwest Delicacy

Dungeness crab has long been a wild-caught Pacific Northwest delicacy, beloved for its sweet taste and tender meat. Sometimes called “Dungies”, Dungeness crab are typically 6-7 inches across with short, stout legs and a shell that turns bright orange when cooked. Dungeness crab gets its name from the town of Dungeness, WA where the first commercial crab fishery on the West Coast was founded in 1848. Today, Dungeness crab is a staple of Northwest cuisine and treasured by chefs and seafood lovers across the country.

Keyport’s wholesale Dungeness crab is harvested from the cold Pacific waters of Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Dungeness crab harvests are carefully co-managed by tribal and state entities to ensure sustainability. In order to preserve optimal freshness, Keyport’s whole Dungeness crab and Dungeness crab sections are shipped pre-cooked and frozen. Live chat, call or email us to ask a question or get a quote.

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Wildly Delicious

Dungeness crab is well known to be have been Chef Julia Child’s favorite type of crab. James Beard was also a big fan and wrote that Dungeness crab is “most distinctive of all… It is sheer, unadulterated crab heaven.” Given its versatility, delicate taste and flaky texture, it’s no surprise that chefs love our Dungeness crab. Keyport’s wholesale Dungeness crab sections are pre-cooked and ready to eat. They can be served cold or warmed and are equally good on their own or as part of a creative dish. The possibilities are endless from traditional dishes such as crab Louie salad, bisque and crab cakes to spring rolls and cioppino. Top chefs seem to agree that Dungeness is wildly delicious!

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Wholesale Wild-Caught Dungeness Crab

Coastal Habitat

Keyport’s wholesale Dungeness crab is wild- caught in the chilly ocean waters of Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Native to the western coast of the US, Dungeness can be found in the Pacific from California all the way to the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. Dungeness crab find safe habitat in shells and eelgrass as juveniles but move to sandy and muddy intertidal zones as they grow. Dungeness crab prefer shallow coastal depths of less than 90 feet, although some have been found at depths of almost 500 feet.


Protections for the Dungeness crab population were put in place over a century ago by the commercial fishing industry of the Pacific Northwest. Today’s regulations continue many of the practices set forth in the early 1900s, using a system that sets the harvest based on the “3 S’s” of size, sex and season. Only adult males larger than 6 inches may be harvested and seasons are monitored and set to coincide with optimal meat fill. Each state and fishery has its own set of guidance to ensure the best coordination between tribal groups, commercial fishing concerns and governing bodies. This cooperative approach has protected the Dungeness crab population and ensured its sustainability in Alaska, Washington and Oregon.

Alaska Dungeness Crab

It is sometimes overshadowed by the fame of King crab, but some of the largest Dungeness crab comes from Alaska. As with the King crab fisheries, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game sets regulations by region that limit the harvest season as well as the number of pots and vessels.

Washington State Dungeness Crab

Dungeness crab is one of the most important commercial and tribal fisheries in Washington State. Dungeness crab is harvested from the Pacific Ocean along the state’s long western coastline. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and The Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (NWIFC) work together to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Dungeness crab population. Current policies include limiting the number of commercial licenses, limiting pots, and requiring daily catch reporting.

Oregon Dungeness Crab

The commercial Dungeness crab fishery is considered to be the most valuable commercial fishery in Oregon. For over 25 years, the number of vessels allowed to harvest Dungeness crab in Oregon has been capped through a limited permit system maintained by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Each boat is limited in the number of pots it may use and record keeping rules ensure traceability from boat to retailer.

Each state and fishery has its own set of guidance to ensure the best coordination between tribal groups, commercial fishing concerns and governing bodies.

Wholesale Wild-Caught Dungeness Crab

Purchasing Wholesale Dungeness Crab

Keyport wholesale Dungeness crab is sold pre-cooked and frozen. It can be stored for up to a year if stored below 0° F. Purchasing options include frozen whole-cooked Dungeness crab and Dungeness crab sections:

Dungeness Crab whole cooked 30lb box
Dungeness Crab sections 25lb box

Keyport typically requires a minimum order of 600-1000 lbs for shipped orders. Our crab experts are happy to help with Dungeness crab pricing, special cuts and retail packaging. Live chat, call or email us today.

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