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Wholesale Snow Crab

Easy-To-Snap Opilio & Bairdi Crab

While King crab garners a lot of attention on Keyport social media for its impressive size, Snow crab has an equally devoted following among crab lovers and chefs. Smaller than King crab, Snow crab is beloved for its extraordinarily long, easy-to-crack legs. Snow crab gets its name from its flavorful meat which turns to a snowy white when cooked. With a delicate texture, sweet taste and leg shells that can be easily cracked open with just your hands, it is easy to see why Snow crab has so many fans! Live chat, call or email us to ask a question or get a quote.

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Opilio Snow crab

Opilio: Popular for its mild taste and tender meat, Opilio typically weighs 1½ -2 lbs and is noted for its long, easy-to-crack legs.

Bairdi Snow crab

Bairdi: The largest species of Snow crab, Bairdi can reach 3-5 lbs in weight and is favored for its sweet taste and delicate texture.

Ice covered ship deck

Snow Crab Habitat

Snow crab are found in the very cold waters of the North Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea. They live on the muddy and sandy bottom of the continental shelf and slope, where they feed on animals living in the sediment and avoid predators by burrowing into the mud.

Icy Harvest

Opilio and Bairdi are typically harvested at average depths of 360 feet below sea level during the frigid winter months of January, February and March. Harvest can be challenging as crews face icy conditions and cold, stormy waters. 800 lb traps, called pots, are set with bait and then retrieved within 36-48 hours. Boat crews use hydraulic lifts to raise the pots, which can weigh over 1,000 lbs when full.

Stewardship And Sustainability

According to Fishwatch, “U.S. wild-caught Alaska Snow crab is a smart seafood choice because it is sustainably managed and responsibly harvested under U.S. regulations.” FishChoice concurs, giving Snow crab from Alaska a “Best Choice” sustainability rating. Alaska Snow crab is harvested off of the coast of Alaska in the Bering Sea under the management of NOAA Fisheries, theNorth Pacific Fishery Management Council, and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in order to ensure sustainability for future generations. Only male crabs of a certain size are harvested, allowing the females to reproduce and replace the ones that were harvested. Economic sustainability is also addressed in the Alaska Snow crab fishery through the Community Development Quota Program which opens participation and investment to eligible coastal communities by allowing them ten percent of the harvest.

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Crab pot filled with Snow crab

From The Bering Sea To You

Snow crab is kept in holding tanks aboard the crab vessel until it can be delivered from the Bering Seat to shore. Once landed, the crab is cooked, cleaned, sectioned and frozen. The freezing process creates a protective glaze that ensures Keyport Snow crab retains its wild-caught flavor during shipping. To guarantee the best taste experience and food safety, keep frozen until ready to thaw and use. Do not thaw and refreeze.

Wholesale Wild-Caught Snow Crab legs

Snow Crab Cluster Sizing Explained

Opilio and Bairdi crab legs are typically sold in clusters, which include four legs and one claw. The name of the cluster size corresponds to the weight of the cluster. A smaller 5/8 cluster, for instance, weighs between 5-8 ounces while a large 12+ cluster is over 12 ounces.

Snow crab cluster sizes

What Are Snow Crab Cocktail Claws?

Our Snow crab cocktail claws are the perfect appetizer! A favorite of caterers, our claws come partially shelled for easy eating. Like all our wholesale Snow crab, our cocktail claws come pre-cooked and frozen. Simply thaw and serve.

Wholesale Wild-Caught Snow Crab cocktail claws
Purchasing 100% Natural and Wild-Caught Wholesale King Snow Crab

Purchasing Wholesale Snow Crab

Our crab experts are happy to help with Wholesale Snow crab pricing, special cuts and retail packaging. Keyport typically requires a minimum order of 600-1000 lbs for shipped orders of wholesale Opilio and Bairdi.
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Snow Crab Product Sheet

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