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Ordering Keyport Crab

We are proud to be America’s leading supplier of crab from Alaska. You will find our Golden King, Red King, Snow, and Dungeness crab in some of the finest retailers and restaurants across the country. Our business is primarily focused on pallet-sized orders, but we also offer a couple of flexible, smaller-quantity ordering options for accounts with limited freezer space or for consumers who need crab for a special event.

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Wholesale Orders 600 lbs+

We typically require a minimum order of one pallet or 600 lbs to ship by truck. These orders are handled personally by our dedicated Keyport sales representatives. Our reps are available to answer questions, process new customer set up requests, or to provide up-to-the-minute inventory and pricing updates. Live chat, call or email today!

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Wholesale Orders 10-200 lbs

Our new Wholesale Case Direct program is perfect for restaurants and retailers who want to purchase less than the 600 lbs threshold needed to ship by truck. We ship in 10 lb cases by air. To qualify, visit our account setup page. Your EIN number and reseller license is required. Questions? Live chat, call or email us at
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Consumer Direct 10-200 lbs

Our Consumer Direct program is designed for those who would like to purchase Keyport crab by the case for personal use. This a great fit if you are looking to stock your freezer or are planning a dinner party, backyard crab feed or a wedding. We ship in 10 lb increments within the continental US through our fulfillment partner.

Our crab is pre-cooked and shipped frozen to preserve the wild caught taste of Alaska. US shipments only.