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Wholesale Dungeness Crab

Commonly called “Dungy” (dun-JEE) by our crews and “Cancer Magister” by scientists.

Wholesale Packaging

Keyport’s wholesale Dungeness crab lives in the cold, clean coastal waters of California and the Pacific Northwest and has been named one of the best choices for well-managed, healthy seafoods by several industry watch guards.

Keyport guarantees first-rate wholesale Dungeness crab are caught using the best methods available to prevent by-catch and protect the ecosystem. 

If you are looking to procure wholesale Dungeness crab, Keyport is your single best single source supplier. Subject to the season’s catch, Keyport offer whole cook Dungeness crab & Dungeness crab sections from California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. 

Call Keyport today and speak with us about how we can help you source, select and ship wholesale priced Dungeness crab to your distribution center or warehouse. Call 206-284-1947. Keyport ships Dungeness crab in order sizes of 2,000 lbs. to full truckloads.


Sections, 1.5-2 whole-cooked & 2/up whole cooked.

logo keyport llc


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