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Why the Pink Pots?

The Science Behind the Pink Crab Pots

If you have been following Keyport’s social media and blogs, you have probably noticed the brightly colored pink crab pots. They add a nice pop of color to our photos but the real reason for the color choice is based on the electromagnetic spectrum.

If you think back to your high school science classes, you may remember that each color we see in the color spectrum has a unique wavelength. Wavelength decreases and energy increases as you move from red to violet light across the spectrum in the following order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Red light has the longest wavelengths in the visible light spectrum and, as a result, is the first to be absorbed by water. The deeper you go in the water, the less the color red is visible. It is the first color to disappear completely, appearing black and absorbing all other wavelengths of color.

Golden King crab pots are set, on average, at depths greater than 200 fathoms. At this depth, the pink pots virtually disappear, resulting in a higher catch per pot. This higher yield means fewer pots need to be deployed and greater protection for the fishery.

Interested in learning more about how the visible light spectrum is perceived underwater? Check out these resources:

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