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Dispatches from Captain Rip

Photos of Captain Rip of the Patricia Lee

Captain Rip of the Patricia Lee

Live from the Bering Sea, we are lucky to have periodic dispatches from Captain Rip of the F/V Patricia Lee.

Golden King crab is unique. From the remote location of the fishery in the Aleutian Islands to the great depths of its habitat, Goldens are particularly challenging to catch. The expertise needed to harvest Golden King crab is also unique and only five fishing vessels in Alaska are equipped as Golden King crab boats. Outstanding fishery management coupled with the difficulty of harvest ensures that Goldens are the most sustainable King crab available. Their extreme and pristine habitat also ensure an outstanding taste profile.

Captain Rip Carlton has been fishing for Golden King crab for decades and shares his is unique knowledge in our latest series of Captain Logs.

Captain Rip Carlton of the F/V Patricia Lee

Rip Carlton and King Crab Club Med

Captain Rip Carlton Current Sh*tstorm

Captain Rip Stuck in a Tidal Nightmare

Captain Rip – I Should be Sleeping Now

Captain Rip Carlton and the Golden King crab Fishery

Captain Rip Live from the Bering Sea

No Such Thing as Normal Hours on a Golden King Crab Boat

Captain Rip on his Crew

Captain Rip Carlton rifts on cooking with Golden King crab

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